Dr. Michael W. Parrish,B.A.,D.C. - Chiropractic Physician     #60  4th Ave., Corozal Town, Belize
Personal Information:
Dr. Mike was born in Kankakee, Illinois in 1953. His family was in the farming business and he spent his early years riding horses and working on the farm.
"I began chiropractic care as a young child. My Dad took me to his doctor all the time for adjustments" says Dr. Mike. His Dad, who  almost reached 102 years of age had been a chiropractic patient all his life!
In 1968, he headed off to Culver Military Academy where he graduated in 1971. At Culver he played sports, received academic honors, was a cadet officer and even played trumpet in the band.
After completing his BA from Illinois Wesleyan University he ran a nursing home and was then a home builder for a few years. He even learned how to run a back hoe, lay brick and block, and finish cement! 
In 1979 his true calling came when he enrolled at Palmer College and graduated in December of 1982. Dr. Mike paid his way through school by remodeling basements and kitchens and even serving as a security guard.
After completion of schooling in 1982, he opened his first chiropractic office in Canon City, Colorado in 1983 and went on to have one of the largest chiropractic practices in the country.
In addition to his chiropractic practice, Dr. Mike owned an auto dealership and a finance business for over 20 years.
After spending a wonderful 30 years in Colorado, Dr. Mike decided to find adventures in beautiful Corozal, Belize with his partner Shelley Falk. Dr. Mike and Shelley have now been full time in Belize since May of 2012.Dr. Mike and Shelley go back to Colorado three or four times a year for 3 weeks but Dr. Mike is pretty much in Belize most of the time.
Fun Facts:
Dr. Mike is a man of many talents. In fact, he has had a lot of experience in Broadcasting.  In the 80's he had a live, daily T.V. show on Fox about the benefits of chiropractic care and most recently he had a live radio show helping to promote different businesses in Colorado and stimulate the local economy.
Dr. Mike has a son, Jonathan,  and a daughter, Lindsay, along with grandson, Ashton.
He enjoys all sports, his family, lifting weights, good food, oldies music and making new friends.
                  Dr. Mike, daughter Lindsay, son Jonathan, and Dad at 101! 
Shelley and Dr. Mike relax at Tony's in Corozal for dinner
Grandson Ashton and Great Grandpa 2012
The Doctor is "On the Air"circa 2010
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